Reduce your environmental impact........hire East Fork to mow with a robot!

Our People


Derek Hagberg

Derek Hagberg

Derek Hagberg

Derek has lived and worked  in the Wood River Valley for 12 years. He received a B.S. in Horticulture from Iowa State University. Derek brings over 26 years of experience from all aspects of the landscape industry. 

He has sought out the latest in landscape technology and applied it to reduce East Fork's environmental impact. By employing robotics and battery operated equipment Derek has positioned East Fork to be the environmental leader in the Pacific North West. 


Deron Hagberg

Derek Hagberg

Derek Hagberg

Deron has a business degree & 12 years of experience in the landscape industry.  He has helped to establish and maintain the professional standards of the company. Deron's vision for East Fork is to deliver clean technology advanced and efficient services. With 3 years of experience in the implementation and operation of  robotic lawn mowers, these skills put him in the forefront of this newly emerging service line. 

about East Fork.....


Who will work on my landscape?

We are a family run business. The only people on your property will be East Fork Landscape employees with battery operated equipment and robotic mowers. Our experience with robotic lawn mowing makes us a leader in the implementation and operation of this technology.


How will you get the job done?


East Fork employs robotic lawnmowers utilizing the latest technological advancements that can independently service a lawn up to 1 1/4 acres. The robot resides at the client's property making daily passes across the lawn cutting continuously in a free-form pattern until it is time to return to its home base for recharging. Robotic mowers are contained in the work area by a combination of a boundary wire system and built-in GPS. With the ability to operate at night and in the rain scheduling is very flexible and efficient based on the customers needs. A mobile app gives us the capability to interact and adjust the mower settings in real time. 


Why choose East Fork Landscape Management?

At East Fork, we are working hard to offer smart and technologically advanced ways to provide environmentally friendly lawn care. East Forks robotic lawnmowers are extremely smart, efficient and quiet using less energy and reducing air and noise pollution.   

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Doing Our Part


Reducing Impact

   According to the EPA, each year over 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled or miss handled by gardeners and traditional lawn care companies, and in the US alone lawn care equipment represents 5% of air pollution. 

At East Fork, we are working hard to offer smart and technologically advanced ways to provide environmentally friendly lawn care. Our robotic mowers and battery-operated equipment make us clean, quiet and efficient. 


Moving Forward

East Fork is continually looking to further the application of technology that will additionally reduce our environmental impact. The above photo is of a "Tertill" Franklin robotics weeding bot. Two solar powered Tertills have been employed  by East Fork in our maintenance division.


What We Do Maters


Our environmentally responsible approach enables us to do our part by protecting the environment from air, noise and groundwater pollution.