Reduce your environmental impact........hire East Fork to mow with a robot!

How To get started


Set Up An Appointment


So how the heck does this all work?

Once you’ve contacted us, we can set up an appointment to evaluate your lawn and the specific needs that it may require. After determining your needs and evaluating the physical landscape, we will choose an appropriate robot and discuss installation.



 Once you signed up with East Fork, we can proceed with the installation of the robotic lawnmower based on your preferences. A boundary and guide wire set up in conjunction with a charging station will determine the robots working area in your lawn.  


Let East Forks Robotic Lawn Mowers Do The Work

 The combination of GPS and boundary wire system keep the robot in its designated area. A mobile app gives us the capability to interact and adjust the mower in real time.  After set up, East Fork will perform weekly lawn care services including detail trimming and blow down. Additionally the robot will be inspected to make sure it’s performing according to specifications and cleaned. From this point the robot will be assigned to work on your property for the remainder of the season day in and day out.